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Terms and Conditions

Numbers may be given out prior to opening.

Bring your own boxes and packing materials.

You will be responsible for loading your own items.

We are not responsible for accidents or injuries.

We do not accept credit cards.

Please do not block any driveways.


Sale Description

If you're into quilting, this is a sale you won't want to miss.  There are over 200 quilt tops, and around 40 boxes of quilting material.  In addition, there are several finished quilts (hand stitched and machine stitched) and unfinished quilts. 


Items at the Sale

·        Three bedroom suites

·        Vintage recliner and ottoman

·        Duncan Phyfe round pedestal table

·        Large cedar chest

·        Mid century bookcase

·        1970s living room suite

·        Refrigerator

·        Microwave oven

·        Vintage enamel top cabinet

·        Vintage crosscut saws

·        Vintage Arctic Boy 5 gallon galvanized cooler

·        Vintage black metal lunch box

·        Two large cast iron cauldrons

·        Three vintage horse/mule drawn plows

·        12 ft. x 21 ft. steel carport

·        Big "O" garden tiller with 5HP Briggs & Stratton

·        Antique and vintage hand tools

·        Mid century lamps

·        Vintage glass oil lamps

·        Aladdin No. 6 oil lamp

·        1860s Seth Thomas weight driven shelf clock

·        Antique E. Ingraham shelf clock

·        Antique kerosene can with glass insert

·        Matching oak glider and porch swing

·        Maple dining table with 6 chairs

·        Oak dining table with 6 chairs

·        Vintage primitive poplar dining table with 4 ladderback chairs (all painted brown)

·        Vintage churns and crocks

·        Hull, Roseville, McCoy, and USA pottery

·        Large assortment of Tupperware

·        Many melamine dishes

·        Cast iron Wagner Ware kettle with lid

·        Other cast iron cookware

·        Mid century console stereo

·        King wood heater

·        Vintage metal kitchen stools

·        Mahogany table

·        Exercise bike

·        Sewing machine in wood cabinet

·        Kingston sewing machine

·        Singer sewing machine in desk type walnut veneer cabinet with chair

·        New Home treadle sewing machine in walnut cabinet  with cover box

·        Quilt rack

·        Vintage room size braided rug

·        Assorted end tables

·        Hickory tool handles

·        Hundreds of hickory blanks for handle making

·        Speed Queen galvanized laundry tub on stand

·        Two no. 2 galvanized washtubs

·        Large oval galvanized  washtub

·        Aluminum wash pans

·        Porcelain enamel pots and wash pans

·        Speas vinegar jar (one gallon)

·        Biederman Distilling Company bottle (one gallon)

·        Many Ball blue Mason jars (some with bubbles and/or dropped “a”)

·        Hundreds of clear Mason jars (Ball, Kerr, Knox, Atlas, Presto, Magic, Longlife, and Golden Harvest)

·        Two iron wood burning box stoves

·        Vintage porcelain enamel wood burning stove

·        Two vintage Semmes Hobnail brand cotton picking sacks (6 ft. and 7.5 ft.)

·        Trailer made from an early 1950s pickup (wood bed) and an older vehicle axle


·        Antique black table with drawer

·        Primitive kitchen table with 6 ladderback chairs

·        Primitive white kitchen storage table

·        Small vintage oak table

·        More crocks

·        Old wooden “Cook’s Inlet Alaska Salmon” box

·        Vintage flour/meal storage box (similar to one shown previously)

·        Vintage aluminum Coca Cola picnic cooler

·        Large vintage naturally distressed round storage bin

·        Vintage high chair

·        Sofa

·        Coffee table and end tables

·        Two vintage metal beds

·        Vintage Fire King dishes and cups

·        Homer Laughlin china

·        Vintage Western Flyer bicycle

·        Vintage ringer washing machine

·        Two porch rockers


Items sold during the sale are not removed from the list. 


Firearms, jewelry, and items containing precious metals are locked away off-site and will only be displayed during the sale.

See you at the sale!



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